Are you interested in getting artificial turf but in a different color shade? Red artificial turf could be the solution you seek.  The turf is a perfect choice that defines indoor and outdoor spaces. It can be installed as a lawn, on your walls, or at the kid’s play areas. Balconies are also a good idea to place red artificial turf. The article provides information about red artificial turf so you can understand how to maintain and install in your home.

Can the Red Color Fade?

All plastic products will fade when exposed to UV light. This is certain. But red is different.

Red is one of the three primary colors, and green is a composite of yellow and blue. So green lawn will slowly turn blue-green or blue-yellow color after a long time, and red will only slowly fade in the original color.

We use the best quality UV additives that will make the red color last longer and make your yard beautiful for a little longer.

How is Red Artificial Turf Installed?

Red turf is installed like any other artificial turf. The first step is to clear out the area and put a base for the turf. Gravel is one of the recommended bases. Lay down your red turf and spread it out to ensure that there are no creases. Finally, you may use U-pins or nails to secure your turf. If you wish to install red turf on a hard surface, use adhesive when sticking it down.

What is the Procedure for Maintaining Red Artificial Turf?

The best way to maintain red artificial turf is avoiding spills and stains. However, accidents happen right? If you spill something on your turf, mop the mess with a towel and scrub gently with warm water. You can also scrap the stain with a plastic knife or used toothbrush if the stain dries.

Can Dog Urine Discolor Red Artificial Turf?

Unlike natural grass that discolors because of dog urine, red artificial turf will not discolor. Simply wash down the urine with a hose pipe or wipe with a mixture of warm water and liquid soap to prevent smells.

Can Red Artificial Turf be Used Occasionally?

Yes it can. Some people buy red artificial turf and install it for an occasion and later remove and store the turf. This is especially common if your event is indoors, at the patio, or balconies.

Where Else Can I Install Red Artificial Turf?

Apart from installing the turf in your yard or indoors, red artificial turf have other uses. You could install the turf in your sports area if the color aligns with your theme.

What Specifications Does Red Artificial Turf Have?

Artificial red turf comes in different specifications.  However, the color is obviously red with a recommended pile height of 16mm. The best way to pick the ideal artificial red turf is matching your needs with the specifications. This means that red artificial turf for sports could have different specifications to indoor turf. You could always seek professional help to ensure you fulfill your desire for that sleek appearance.

Will Red Artificial Turf Stain Clothes?

Not at all. Artificial grass is installed in a way that mud or dirt cannot pass through. Normally, children playing on natural grass will have green and brown stains. However, red artificial turf does not leave any stains making it ideal for your play area or lawn.

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