The Sunshine & Artificial Grass


Generally, artificial grass is mostly designed for the outdoors. Therefore, artificial grass is unavoidable to face the sunshine. Here are the questions we often get from our customers about the sunshine & artificial grass. Tiger Lily Garden loves these questions and do have answers.

1.Why the heat from the sunshine gets artificial grass so hot? How to avoid it? 

This problem is caused by the properties of artificial grass yarn material. Artificial Grass yarn is made of PP, PE, or nylon, which essentially is all plastic. Absorbing the sunshine and became hotter is the natural phenomenon of all plastic products, which can not be avoided. For artificial grass, every brand is the same. Usually, the grass temperature is 10~15 degrees higher than the environment temperature and it raises slowly.

The effective way to lower the temperature of the artificial grass surface is to water it, let the vapour bring some heat when evaporation.

Besides, do not play on the artificial grass surface when it is very hot outside.

2.How is your artificial grass with a reflective burn from colour bond fencing or glass pool fence? 

If do not with the thermal insulation material, the temperature will be very high on the grass surface reflected by the colour bond fencing and glass pool fence. When it reaches the melting point of PE& PP material, the grass will be burned. Usually, our warranty letter will mention that to our clients and when you do the installation. Please also mentioned that. That is the character of plastic material. Every brand is the same.

That is why we do not suggest installing artificial grass nearby colour bond fencing or glass pool fence.

3.How to guarantee your artificial grass quality under sunshine?

We can not change the character of plastic, but we can make the premium artificial grass by using the best material, applying better production craft and adding the additional anti-UV additive.

For example, in the Australian market, we know that it needs all the best raw materials because of the weather particularity of Australia. Not only about the higher temperature, longer daylight, but also, more importantly, the higher sunshine irradiance. For example, the weather in Australia and Spain is very similar, but there are few clouds in the sky in Australia. The higher sunshine irradiance can really damage the grass if not handled well. That is why there are many famous brands that can not do very well in the Australian market. We always put quality first. Trust us, you will find our artificial grass is so worth it.

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