The Details That We Cared About for Artificial Grass Production

Every client who comes to Tiger Lily Garden is an angel that we need to offer our 200% efforts and serve wholeheartedly with what we have, where we are. We will be grateful for your support by doing every detail super well.

For artificial grass production details, we would like to do our best to offer the most professional customization and produce artificial grass just according to all your required details, including even a very small detail. Before the production, even you do not ask, we will double-check the following artificial grass production details with you:

   ♥ Which packing cloth colour do you prefer, please? We have red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, white, black, silver… Besides, customized packing is supported.

   ♥ You need to cut the roll width edges or keep it on the roll? Both are supported.

   ♥ You need a customized shipping mark, please kindly advise. We would love to support you with your logo, brand, and company information.

   ♥ Required documents for clearance are supported. Please kindly advise all the documents you need in advance. We will prepare them and sent them to you in time.

   ♥ Samples such as with size 30cm*30cm are supported for you to do marketing. Just let us know the quantity and the size you need, we will load these samples together with the mass production grass in the container for free.

   ♥ We would like to offer small promotion gifts for you to do marketing or promotion. Such as pens, mouse pad, electric fan, notebook, T-shirt, or any other small gifts with your logo…….

We would like to do super well with your other required artificial grass production details if you need them.

It is easy to do well for one single detail, but it really needs to be very careful with all hearts to do all well. We will take our 200% effort and work wholeheartedly to do super well for all the details of the artificial grass production details. We will never fail your trust. On the other hand, we will surprise you.

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