Top 15 Artificial Grass Wholesalers

You may have seen green grass growing in your favourite sports stadiums or hanging gardens- even in the places where there is no mud or soil to sow it.

Well, these greeneries growing with the best appealing views, are not real grasses- but something called man-made or artificial grass.

In this blog, we will be addressing the best artificial grass wholesalers worldwide- read it till last.

How is Artificial Grass Manufactured?

Artificial grass is a manmade material manufactured with synthetic fibres. They are produced in the same way as a carpet is made. If you look closely you will find- all these artificial grasses are made from green blades standing. That is combined to make big green sheets.

Artificial grass can be seen in different colours, qualities and heights. We can decide the texture and look to be manufactured according to our requirements.

To make artificial grass at a larger scale- big machines are used. They provide the same consistency in quality.

Latest technology and machinery have created new possibilities- to give an aesthetic and realistic appearance to artificial grasses.

small roll custom artificial grass

Cut Roll Artificial Grass


List of Top 15 Artificial Grass Wholesalers Worldwide

We have provided a list of top artificial grass wholesalers. Our team has created research from the reviews collected. And found a list for consumers that are looking for artificial grass wholesale providers. We have arranged the companies by comparing them with their real market services and products.

1) Terraplas.com

Location- United Kingdom (UK)

(We have given this company a place as the best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Terraplas.com has developed a new artificial grass technology that comes with more protection and cover. Artificial grass made by this company is mostly used for sporting events. With the ease of installation and removal. Terraplas company provides a lightweight turf for multipurpose.

This Artificial grass wholesale provider has a good collection of products that comes directly from their industry. The company is continuously growing with its clients more professionally. and creating a new reputation worldwide.

2) Artificialgrasswholesalers.com

Location- California (USA)

(We have given this company a place as 2nd best artificial grass wholesale provider)

The mission of artificialgrasswholesalers.com is to sell their product with a more natural and realistic appearance. The shipping services of this company are only available in America. Artificialgrasswholesalers.com is an artificial grass wholesale provider that provides a DIY facility for installation. Which can be done by any normal customer.

The company made products that are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, best to be used for homes and business purposes. With artificial grass wholesalers.com, you will find the product at cheap rates.

3) Integriturf.com

Location- California (USA)

(We have given this company a place as 3rd best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Integriturf.com is a company based in America. All their products are of good quality and crafted with the finest materials. This artificial grass wholesale provider has a unique feature in their product, which protects them from UV light.

Artificial grass made by integriturf.com is all toxic-free and doesn’t contain any material like lead. The company tests the products with 6000 UV exposures and also checks the toxicity and strength analysis.

Looking forward to integriturf.com- it is a very passionate company that is making a place to create customer value.

4) Wholesaleturf.com

Location- Los Angeles (USA)

(We have given this company a place as 4th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Wholesaleturf.com is a distribution company that is especially working in the field of artificial turf. The focus of this artificial grass wholesale provider is to build quality products with the help of the latest technology. They have created innovations with the ease of installation, and are also providing their products at low cost.

“Wholesaleturf.com is an artificial grass wholesale provider which is still suffering to make a place in the market worldwide.”

5) Artificiallawnspa.Com

Location- Pennsylvania (USA)

(We have given this company a place as the 5th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Artificiallawnspa.com is an industry-standard company. That makes products, especially for homes and commercial purposes. This company is supplying its products for the golf course and playgrounds.

Artificial grass provided by this company is very durable, affordable and good looking. But their services with the customers are not that good to be given a position on the top as artificial grass wholesaler providers. 

6) Syntheticgrasswarehouse.com

Location- (USA)

(We have given this company a position as the 6th best artificial grass wholesale provider

Syntheticgrasswarehouse.com is a company that is focused to provide customer services with its best products.

If you want to buy artificial grass at wholesale price- You will not get a good product here but your queries will be resolved by the company.

This artificial grass wholesale provider will work for the benefit of their customers and make them happy and satisfied with their services.

7) Tigerturf.com

Location- New Zealand

(We have given this company a position as 7th best artificial grass wholesaler provider)

Tigerturf.com is a company more focused on safety and resilient products. Artificial grass made by this company can be used in high weather conditions but does not come with more features.

If you want other artificial synthetic products for landscaping, you can check out their website for that. But not especially for artificial grass. They have problems with the quality and strength of their products.

8) Discountartificialgrass.com

Location- California (USA)

(We have given this company a place as 8th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Discountartificialgrass.com is the main distributor and installer company for SYN LAWNS (a local brand in America).

The company is good with their business and existing customers, but not creating innovation with their new products.

Artificial grass made by discount artificial grass wholesalers is free from polyethene and polypropylene like substances. 

9) Excellentturf.com

Location- China

(We have given this company a place as 9th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Excellentturf.com is a basic company that is more famous for its efforts. This company is constantly working from their existence and creating their products from past mistakes.

It is not the worst company as a wholesale provider of artificial grass. But you will not get satisfactory services according to your requirements.

More production and research are going on which will increase the position of excellentturf.com in the list of artificial grass wholesale providers.

10) Tapijtwereldinternational.com

Location- Netherlands

(We have given this company a place as the 10th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Tapijtwereld International is a wholesale dealer company that is more focused to provide both hard and soft types of floorings. The company sells carpets, laminates, PVC floors and artificial grass.

Products supplied by this artificial grass wholesale provider (Tapijtwereld international) have their Application in company offices and residential projects.

Tapijtwereld International purchases its products from European floor manufacturers and then supplies them to retailers. It is not a direct company manufacturing its products but a wholesale dealer. That is why this company creates a margin for itself and makes the price of artificial grasses more expensive.

But with the availability of stock lots, you can find different choices for your requirement.

11) CCgrass.com

Location- China

(We have given this company a place as the 11th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

This company makes their synthetic artificial grass in their factory and then supplies it to other retailer outlets.

The products made by CC grass are more devoted to being used in applications of athletic sports and landscape purposes.

The company has been in the industry for the past 18 years and focused on developing artificial grass products more effectively- But fails sometimes to achieve its target.

CCgrasss.com is an artificial grass wholesale provider that has developed its services all around the world but maintains very little satisfaction with the quality of its products. CC grass has a Delivery system available worldwide.

12) Royalgrass.com

Location- Netherland

(We have given this company a place as the 12th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Royalgrass.com has its manufacturing unit available in Holland.

They produce high-quality artificial grass on their own and supplies to their available distributors worldwide.

The company makes products based on the consumer’s requirements, which in its case are government authorities and companies.

Royal grass creates their design in European especially and markets them to 45 countries. If you are planning to make a private garden or require public landscaping, you can purchase royal grass artificial grass, but you won’t get good quality assurance.

13) Syntheticturf.com

Location- USA

(We have given this company a place as the 13th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Syntheticturf.com is an international wholesale supplier that provides its products with industrial quality. You will get a variety of options in artificial grass, which can be used for making landscape and playground purposes.

Artificial grass made by syntheticturf.com is all built by a house manufacturing unit, which is a product made in America.

To maintain the competition, companies provide cheap prices but don’t fulfil their services afterwards. There is no guarantee of product on syntheticturf.com. You will get the best crafted artificial grass but the product comes with zero damage protection. 

14) Easigrass.com

Location- London (UK)

(We have given this company a place as the 14th best artificial grass wholesale provider)

Easigrass is an artificial grass wholesale provider working for the past 30 years. Successfully creating a good reputation in the industry, easigrass.com is a wholesale provider for artificial grass requirements from London.

The company covers the markets of the United Kingdom and continuously looks for more opportunities worldwide.

The mission of this company is to provide the best quality products with good installation services.

Easigrass also gives training and techniques for installing grass for various purposes.

It’s just that quality and professionalism that the company lacks in their service, that is why we have placed it in the position.

15)Tigerlilygarden. com


(We have given this company a place as the 15th best artificial grass wholesale provider)
TigerLilyGarden is a Chinese artificial grass manufacturer and wholesaler with experience of more than 15 years. Famous for its fast lead time, competitive price and stable quality from China which win them a very good reputation.

The company covers the markets worldwide, especially in the Middle East and European countries.

The Slogan of this company is artificial grass and more, besides artificial grass, they also provide green walls and other accessories related to artificial grass to give the most convenience and benefits to their clients.

But the lack of skill in marketing and keeping a low profile makes them not that famous all over the world, that’s shy we have placed it in the 15th.

(We have tried our best to give you the exact correct information.)

About Us

artificial grass manufacturer in China

factory tufting

Tiger Lily Garden is a manufacturing company based in China.

With different types of products in option we also producers’ artificial grasses. Our products are tested to be the best in quality, and at affordable rates.

As a manufacturing company, we outsource our products to different wholesale distributors worldwide. To this date, we are constantly supplying our products to more than 50+ countries worldwide.

With integrated services of R&D, production, outsourcing sales for domestic and overseas purposes- We at tiger lily garden are doing very well to serve our customers.

  •  With a great diversity in designs and collections, we are adding new products every year.
  •  If you want something ideal for your needs. Tiger Lily Garden can provide you with a facility for customized manufacturing of artificial grass.
  •  You can ask to manufacture according to different shapes, colours, backgrounds, textures and every factor that you want. Only with Tiger Lily Garden.
  • The main focus of Tiger Lily Garden Company is to provide the best services and quality of products to every one of our customers.
  • Best quality of products.
  •  Full service and communication help.
  • Very affordable prices than market.

Visit the website www.tigerlilygarden.com to get more information.

Stay connected with us for upcoming interesting blogs or you can check below GRASS from Tiger Lily Garden.

Below is a comprehensive buyers guide, we will discuss everything you need to know before making your purchase.

Buy Guide

Buying Guide for artificial grass

Looking to buy artificial grass? You’re in the right place! In this comprehensive buyers guide, we will discuss everything you need to know before making your purchase. We’ll talk about the different types of artificial grass available, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find the best artificial grass for your needs!

With the development of artificial grass technology, there are more and more types of artificial turf with a better natural appearance than real grass. In general, artificial turf can be divided into these categories according to the applications:

Read More

Artificial Turf Features:

Chinese artificial turf suppliers for residential and commercial areas

After looking at the costs and all on the internet, you must be wondering yourself, “does artificial turf add value to the home?”. The answer is “Yes, it does.” Artificial turf can increase the value of your property and its sale price because once you install fake grass, it does not require any money for its maintenance.

Are you looking for reliable artificial turf suppliers to buy the most affordable and durable, lush green artificial grass for your lawn or other space? Stop looking for you have landed at the right place. Tiger Lily Garden is one of the most responsible and trustworthy artificial turf suppliers.

Always buy your faux grass from good artificial turf suppliers because they manufacture their turf from a mixture of plastic polymers (PE and PP) instead of nylon so that you can have soft, dense yet tough turf that is heat and UV-resistant.

Best artificial turf suppliers offer their products with a pile height of around 20-50 mm to enjoy a luxury feel and a luxuriant view.

Tiger Lily Garden is a great choice for wholesale artificial turf, and you can buy from us without thinking twice. So don’t just wait there and request a quotation. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Artificial Turf Application:

Residential and commercial landscaping, sports pitches, and recreational areas.

artificial grass for wedding 04


A thickness, or pile height, of around 20-30 mm is considered the best for a natural, freshly mowed grass look.

On average, the cost of artificial grass installation is around $12 per square foot. As responsible artificial turf suppliers, at Tiger Lily Garden, we offer artificial turf for as low as $1 per 10 square feet without ever compromising on the quality.

Artificial grass is usually measured in square meters. Measure the longest and the widest points of your lawn area. In this way, you will have the idea if you need more than one fake grass roll. Add 100 mm of measurement at each end to allow for cutting and measurement errors.

Yes, by following proper guidelines, you absolutely can install artificial grass yourself. It will also cut down the turf installation cost.

Granite dust is the best material to go under artificial turf. When damp, it binds your artificial grass and becomes rock hard once it dries. It allows water through it, creating a drainage system for your turf.

Granite dust or a mixture of sand and gravel (CMB) is the best material to put under artificial turf before laying.

When you put sand infills, it gives stability and control to your artificial grass. Sand infills absorb shock and deter bacteria. Thus, making your turf kids and pet-friendly.

Decomposed granite and crushed miscellaneous base (CMB) are two of the best base options for artificial grass. Both give high stability to your fake grass.

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