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Grass companies are everywhere worldwide with services such as landscaping and selling grass. Customers seek grass companies that offer the best and sustainable product to suit their needs. However, clients new to the grass experience find it challenging to select the best company and invest resources hoping that their spaces will appear as they wish. The list of top 20 Grass Company will provide an idea of where to get quality grass products and services with the best deals possible.

Top 20 Grass Company


Profile: BrightView is a landscaping company that deals with maintenance of artificial lawns and the entire landscape. Places such as hospitals, hotels, sports fields and residential areas consist of major places where the company maintains and installs grass.

Main Products: The Company maintains different types of grass including the sports turf where they design and install grass in sports fields.

What Makes them Different: BrightView is the most sought for grass company that has existed since 1939 and continues to provide its clients with quality grass.

TruGreen Inc.

Profile: TruGreen exists to make the grass experience easy concerning maintenance and other landscaping services. The company has 16 branches spread over Michigan and trains its employees to deliver quality maintenance services.

Main Products: TruGreen concentrates on lawn products and services to help clients maintain a healthy outdoor. Tailored services are also available for individual and commercial customers.

What makes them Different: The Company boasts of trained professionals to deliver the required service thereby raising its customer satisfaction rates higher.

Yellowstone Landscape

Profile: Yellowstone Landscape is a grass company that helps its clients with grass solutions particularly commercial clients. The Company has attained its success by interacting with the client’s property to determine landscaping challenges.

Main Products: The Company installs grass in different types of landscapes and maintains grass in sports fields. Yellowstone Landscape also serves institutions, businesses, residential owners, among others.

What makes them Different: The Company has everything under one roof meaning that clients do not need to get grass and go for maintenance in other companies. Therefore, Yellowstone landscape covers all grass needs.

Gothic Landscape

Profile: The name Gothic was established by one of the family members owning the company in 1984. The Company has served more clients than any other in Valencia with sustainable products. 

Main Products: Taking pride in landscaping, Gothic Landscape is a grass company that ensures customers get sustainable products and well-maintained landscapes.

What makes them Different: Gothic Landscape pledges to deliver extraordinary outcomes with professionals servicing areas such as Utah, Nevada, and California.

Division Maintenance Group

Profile: Founded in 1999, Divisions Maintenance Group offers maintenance services to customers who demand quality and care for their lawn.

Main Products: Divisions Maintenance Group provides services to a wide range of clients including residential and commercial customers.

What makes them Different: Divisions Maintenance Group does not discriminate the services it offers as it goes along with what clients request thereby making it a unique company.

U.S Lawns

Profile: The Company offers landscaping, maintenance and commercial grounds management to its clients in Florida.

Main Products: U.S Lawns offers landscaping solutions including products such as ornamental trees.

What makes them Different: U.S Lawn’s team is qualified enough to be trusted with installation services including its advantage of having 250 locations in the state.

Lawn Doctor

Profile: As its name, Lawn Doctor is a grass company that takes care of customer’s lawn to ensure that it is safe for children and pets.

Main Products: The main service from Lawn Doctor is caring for lawn to ensure it lasts according to the recommended time frame.

What makes them different: The Company has over 50 years of experience with the highest reviews and customer retention rate.

Ferrandino and Son

Profile: Ferrandino and Son has 30 years of experience in constructing and maintaining landscapes.

Main Products: Despite having other service such as signage and construction, Ferrandino and Son maintain lawns and provides guidelines to customers.

What makes them Different: The Company creates opportunities for its employees to help them achieve the quality required when serving customers.

Juniper Landscaping

Profile: Juniper Landscaping is an expert in maintaining landscapes with the priority of satisfying home owners and the entire community.

Main Products: The Company offers design, building and maintenance services to deal with the most complex landscaping ideas from clients.

What makes them Different: Juniper Landscaping offers a listening ear to the client’s needs to achieve quality and customer satisfaction.


Profile: Ambius is the leading interior landscaping grass company with attention to details including grass for walls. Despite your request, Ambius will fulfill your desires.

Main Products: The Company satisfies its customers with interior and exterior landscaping solutions.

What makes them different: Ambius offers interior landscaping for décor and social distancing purposes to cater to the pandemic requirements.

Tiger Lily Gardens

Profile: Tiger Lily Gardens is a grass company in China that manufactures different grass products. The company has served clients for over ten years and strives to continue providing excellent products and services.

Main Products: Tiger Lily Gardens is a grass company that not only has landscaping grass but also grass for installing indoors and outdoors. This includes sports grass and décor grass.

What makes them Different: Tiger Lily Gardens offers products and services to give clients confidence that their spaces will be well-maintained.

Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services

Profile: Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services deals with servicing and managing landscapes with an experience from 1973.

Main Products: The Company offers landscape upgrades, minor and major touch ups that allow for sustainable and freshly-looking spaces.

Advantage: Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services has a franchise performance award for landscaping and snow control services.

Sperber Landscape Co.

Profile: Sperber Landscape Co. has been around since 1949 and has changed people’s lives into more sustainable solutions through landscaping.

Main Products: The Company solves different landscape-related issues such as correcting poorly installed grass, and redecorating landscapes with grass installation.

Advantage: Sperber Landscape Co. has received positive reviews from various customers, a issue that has made the company gain popularity.

The Grounds Guys

Profile: The Grounds Guys is a grass company that provides care to lawns since 1987 and continues to enhance their services through adding more people to join their group. 

Main Products: Apart from installing grass, the Grounds Guys also help remove snow leaving the customer’s lawn looking great while providing other maintenance services.

Advantage: The Grounds Guys do not discriminate any type of service provided it relates to landscaping and grass installation. This has helped gin more clients locally and worldwide. 

Spring Green

Profile: Spring Green Grass Company was founded in 1977 and caters to lawns and trees with 7,500 neighborhoods communities in Naperville, Illinois.

Main Products: The Company installs grass in parks, office complexes, and homes.

Advantage: Spring Green offers value and convenience because of investing in trained professionals to meet customer’s demands. 

Metco Landscape

Profile: Since 1987, Metco landscape has offered clients the best grass solutions sand continues to be admired by customers worldwide because of its excellent customer service and product delivery.

Main Products: The Company designs and installs landscape and offers consultation services to first-time clients.

Advantage: Metco Landscape meets client’s expectations with considerations to deadlines. This helps build confidence even in emergency situations.

Garden Design Landscaping

Profile: Garden Design provides its customers with the highest quality service at affordable prices. The Company serves in Dallas, San Antonio and Houston and is widely known across different countries.

Main Products: Garden Design Landscaping works on individual and landscaping projects such as grass installation in pool areas, hotels, indoors, and business complexes.

What Makes them Different: Garden Design Landscaping is a 100% employee owned to enhance your landscape’s beauty.

Teufel Nursery

Profile: Teufel Nursery has a variety of environmental solutions from 1890 and has partnered with contractors, developers, and property managers to facilitate quality installations.

Main Products: Teufel Nursery concentrates on commercial landscaping and maintenance. The landscaping includes preparing the area for installing grass.

Advantage: The Company has a highly trained team to adequately execute projects at the allocated budget and time.


Profile: Chenmark is a landscaping grass company that has served clients since its establishment. The family-owned company invests in landscape contractors worldwide.

Main Products: The Company invests in other landscape companies to provide clients with informed landscaping solutions and create a global landscaping village.

Advantage: Chenmark pursues companies with landscaping opportunities and invests to make customer experience better.

Senske Services

Profile: Senske Services is a lawn care expert that serves the community through its specialized means of preventing lawn damage. 

Main Products: Senske Services offers residential and commercial services to care for lawns and trees. 

Advantage: The Company strives to create a first impression on all its customers to keep the community looking clean and safe for children and pets.

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