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Twisted grass yarn is also called landscaping grass yarn which is ready grass yarn for landscaping grass. It is produced by monofilament yarn and curly yarn separately and then twisted together as one completed yarn. So you can purchase the grass yarn bobbins directly which are ready for tuft. The twisted landscaping grass yarn is the most popular form of all the yarn materials. Because of the huge and various requirements of the landscaping yarn.

Landscaping twisted yarn is the most popular. And for the sports grass even it is only 1 type, monofilament or fibrillated yarn, it is also very necessary to make it twisted so it will unit one rope which is better to tuft.


What Is the Application of the Twisted Grass Yarn?

When mentioned twisted grass yarn we usually mean the yarn for landscaping. So obviously, these yarns are mostly suited for landscaping grass. So with these combinations, it will be easier for you to custom the right yarn for your landscaping grass.  The yarn shape, the colour, the Dtex, the softness …all can be customized exactly to your tufting factory requirement to make sure they are the perfect match to the taste of your market.

But Twisted artificial grass yarn can be used for much more than that, it is also used for other turf applications such as non-infilled football turf, gym turf with patterns or nursery turf and door mats.

non infilling soccer grass

Non-infilling Soccer Grass

fitness turf case 02

Customized Gym Grass

artificial grass pictures

Kids Grass

artificial grass mats

Door Mats

Production Progress

How Does the Twisted Artificial Grass Yarn Produce in Tiger Lily Garden?

Simply speaking, the twisted artificial grass yarn means twisting 2 different together as one. We produce monofilament yarn and curly yarn separately with a different machine and then use two for one twisters to twist them together.

monofilament artificial-grass-yarn-7


What Is The Best Choice for Us To Buy?

The separated grass yarn or the twisted yarn?
It depends. If separate grass yarn because of the lack of twisting progress, the price will be a little cheaper. So if you have a twisting machine and the labour is cheaper and well skilled. That is a good choice to save cost. Otherwise, we highly advise purchasing the finished grass yarn for landscaping. Or it will be easy to break the degree of twist and then brings a striking line problem on the carpet.
So if you insist to purchase separated grass yarn instead of the twisted grass yarn, 2 or 3 colour full green will be a better choice.

Best Choice

Full Options

What are the Options of Twisted Grass Yarn?

There are many options for twisted grass yarn. Usually how many landscaping grass options we have will have the same on our yarn. For the yarn shape, we can chose C shape, W shape, V shape. Spine shape and Flat shape … For the colour, Olive green, Lime green, apple Green, fresh green …2 to 6 colour combine together is possible.

For the filament:we have 4/6/8/12/16 options. It can be customized as your requirements.

Loading Quantity

artificial grass yarn loading quantity

As a very professional artificial grass yarn manufacturer, we know how to take good care of artificial grass yarn. What do we usually do? We usually adjust the number of the twist and the weight of each bobbin based on each item and the temperature of the delivery to make sure a proper tension, so the yarn will keep a good shape when you receive them.

(One Pallet)
(One Container)
Total Weight
Monofilament Yarn
Twisted Yarn
Fibrillated Yarn
(Low Dtex)
Curly Yarn2~2.2100449680


Grass yarn is the individual plastic fiber. These fibers make up the artificial grass and are one of the most significant components of the turf system. Artificial grass has fibers, just like natural grass has blades. Grass yarns are made from plastic polymers – nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene – with the addition of colour and UV stabilizers to give characteristic features. The performance of a field turf vastly depends upon the quality of the artificial grass yarn.

Based on the production route, we have two most common types of yarn in artificial grass: fibrillated and monofilament yarns. Fibrillated grass yarns are manufactured as tape and then designed to become perforated or fibrillated in a pattern. On the other hand, the structure of monofilament grass yarns is similar to that of natural grass. It consists of fine, continuous, and solid filaments.

Monofilament artificial grass fibers are one of the most popular types of grass yarns. The polymer melt is pulled through die holes of the spinneret to create a single continuous filament with a solid cross-section. With different spinneret orifices, it is easy to form different shapes with monofilament grass yarn. The strands of monofilament artificial grass resemble those of natural lawn.

Artificial grass is made from plastic polymers – polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and sometimes nylon. These polymers come in pellet form and are melted along with colours of choice and UV additives to create artificial grass fibers or yarns. The process of yarn production, the component that makes up the grass, is called extrusion.

KDK (or knit de knit) yarn is a textured or crimped artificial grass yarn. Its name is derived from its production technique which involves knitting the yarn and then heat-setting it. Tiger Lily Garden takes pride in being one of the three official KDK grass yarn manufacturers in China.

The following steps are involved in the manufacturing of synthetic turf.

  1. Polymer resin pellets are melted along with the colour and different additives to create yarn. The process is known as extrusion.
  2. After extrusion, the yarn is rolled and twisted.
  3. It then undergoes the tufting process, wherein the yarn is threaded and tufted into a backing cloth.
  4. The tufted rolls are transported to the area where secondary backing (with polyurethane or latex) is applied to the initial backing.
  5. After backing, holes are created in the turf to allow water drainage.
  6. The pile height, strength, stitches, and other features of each roll are carefully inspected.

This is how turf is made.

The weight of artificial grass can be found by determining the weight of the yarn in ounces per square yard of the turf. The higher the weight of artificial grass, the better you feel walking and playing on its surface. The best weight for artificial grass is around 90 ounces per square yard.

Yes, there are different grades of artificial grass depending on the pile height, density of the stitches, color, durability, etc. These grades are specific to the turf needs and the landscaping area. At Tiger Lily Garden, we have a complete range of products for all your choices, preferences, and landscaping areas.

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