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Tiger Lily Garden understands that it would be difficult to give you a systematic overview of our products, production processes, and philosophy by simply describing them in words. That’s why we have prepared this Video Centre to give you a systematic overview of  Tiger Lily Garden, the products and services we can offer, and the entire production process of artificial turf and green walls.
Please take a few minutes of your time to get to know your future partner better. You are also welcome to follow us on social media, where we will keep you updated on new products and promotions.

Factory  Video

Factory Overview Video

Production Progress Video

Green Wall Production Video

2023 Spoga+Gafa Exhibition



Basic Knowledge

What is the main material of the curly yarn?

The main material for artificial grass curly yarn is PP because of it is very plastic to be any shape and high strength toughness and high wear resistance ability. All these characters make the curly yarn a very good supportive function. Technically, the curly rare is mostly made of raw material. Very rare to see some factories to add the recycled PP inside.
For high-end golf product, the nylon is also a popular option, especially for Tee turf. Because the nylon is soft and has a higher impact strength rate. It behaves better than the PP material.

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