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You must have heard a few arguments about the reasons why you should avoid buying cheap imported products from China. The Chinese market is known to produce goods at cheaper rates, and several factors account for it. However, cheap does NOT always mean a product with poor standards.

Many American and European turf companies import their grass from China. Sometimes they import artificial grass yarn and carry out the tufting process in their country and charge higher. Now, if you buy a similar product directly from a Chinese manufacturer and supplier, like Tiger Lily Garden, you will save a lot and end up with the same great quality.

When it comes to buying from China, price is not the only factor. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why you should buy from China.

Hassle-free Import from China

While the idea of ordering artificial grass, or yarn for its production, from China, might seem overwhelming, Chinese companies have made it super easy for you. Their main notion is to make the client comfortable and facilitate them in every way.

For example, at Tiger Lily Garden, we arrange chats and virtual meetings with our customers to have a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements. After that, if necessary, we send them samples to check the quality, choose and make the decision. Only once you are satisfied with the specific product and made up your mind do we start its production according to your order.

The Use of Latest Tech in Turf Production

There is a big misconception that Chinese products are of poor quality. However, presently, it is not the case. All reliable Chinese turf manufacturing companies use the latest state-of-the-art technology in different processes involved in turf production.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we use the latest Cobble tufting machines, which are the best worldwide. These and the other advanced machinery in our manufacturing unit add to our production repertoire with the latest combinations of unrivaled features.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Chinese manufacturers are striving hard to build a positive image of Chinese goods. So, to ensure customer satisfaction, most professional Chinese manufacturing companies, such as Tiger Lily Garden, have videos with virtual tours of their factories. These videos present how the products are made, and the quality is maintained.

Free Samples

Receiving a whole container of artificial grass rolls or the yarn shipped from China, and then realizing you ordered the wrong product can be a nightmare. We do not want you to ever face this painful situation. To reduce the cost and pain of this trial-and-error experience, Tiger Lily Garden and the other reputable turf suppliers, offer you FREE samples of artificial grass.

Our free sample box contains 7-15 12”x12” pieces of artificial grass or several bobbins of grass yarn samples. With the samples, you can check the quality and decide which product suits your needs and business. We aim to facilitate you, so you do not regret your choice.

Cost-Effective Products

We all are aware of how Chinese products are relatively cheaper because of a lot of different factors, such as the business ecosystem in China. Artificial grass products manufactured in China are also cheaper for the same reasons. The cost-effectiveness of Chinese turf opens a window of opportunity for international clients to buy the products at cheaper prices and supply them with a handsome profit margin.

To develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our wholesale clients, Tiger Lily Garden offers the factory direct competitive prices for its grass products. Instead of purchasing yarns, we manufacture our products from premium quality basic raw materials, which is why our products are super affordable. With less money invested, you earn maximum benefits from the market and the end consumer.

Quality Certified Products

Because of a healthy business ecosystem, one finds numerous options in artificial grass manufacturers in China. With tough competition, it becomes inevitable for the companies to ensure the best quality of their products. These factories undergo factory audits and quality checks, which enable them to present only the finest products to their clients.

Tiger Lily Garden strives to be your trustworthy turf supplier. Through vigorous testing procedures, we have obtained many professional industry testing certificates. These certificates speak of our seriousness in our business and our concern for our clients and the consumer.

Our products do not contain lead, heavy metals, or hazardous chemicals. It is not just a claim; we have obtained:

  • The EU-regulated REACH Certificate of Compliance
  • RoHS compliance certificate
  • SGS Fire Resistance Certificate (to ensure fire safety)
  • SGS No Heavy Metal Certificate
  • Labosport Test Certification for Material Quality (resistance to UV and simulated aging)

The Option to Customize

Chinese turf manufacturers understand that not every product may suit your requirements. Therefore, we have the option for you to order according to the yarn shape, color, length of the grass roll, etc.

Things To Consider While Buying Turf from China

Albeit all the points presented above, you must choose the right Chinese turf manufacturer and supplier. Here are a few things you might want to consider when you plan to buy artificial grass from China:

Always Buy from Reputed Chinese Companies

You must have heard a few consumers complaining about Chinese artificial grass on different social platforms. It’s often about the installation problems or longevity of the turf. Many complain that the China-made fake grass does not live up to its claims. It is your cue to always buy from well-reputed Chinese artificial grass companies such as Tiger Lily Garden.

Do Thorough Research on the Companies

A stitch in time saves nine. Likewise, researching the company before making a purchase also saves time and money. If you plan to buy synthetic turf from a Chinese company, make sure you go through the company’s profile. Look up on the internet for reviews. Get in touch with the company and ask all the questions relevant to their products.

Look for Companies Qualified with Quality Assurance Tests

There is a rumor that Chinese companies manufacture poor-quality products. The products are not durable and contain hazardous chemicals such as lead and other heavy metals. However, it is not the case with all companies. If you are a wholesaler, buying artificial grass from China can get you nice profits. But, before purchasing Chinese turf, ensure the company you plan to buy from meets all the quality standards and has achieved the necessary quality assurance tests to meet the required material quality.

The Bottom Line…

When all is said and done, Chinese products being low quality is a thing of the past now. There are countless reasons why you should buy from China. Many artificial grass manufacturing companies, such as Tiger Lily Garden, are working hard to bring premium-quality products to your doorstep. They take every possible step to ensure customer satisfaction and hassle-free import. Not to forget the affordability that can help you achieve fair gains as a wholesaler.

To find the product that suits your business or consumer needs, you must look for different reputable Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to identify the ones producing quality-assured fake grass products. With proper research, you can find the perfect solution to your artificial grass needs.

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